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Directors Clare Knight and Harry Cripps Take Us “Back To The Outback”

I had the absolute joy of talking with Clare Knight and Harry Cripps about their new Netflix film Back To The Outback. Not only did I learn how they made creepy critters absolutely adorable in the film, but I also discovered the best way to eat Tim Tams.

BACK TO THE OUTBACK – (L-R) Miranda Tapsell as Zoe the thorny devil lizard, Isla Fisher as Maddie the taipan, Angus Imrie as Nigel the scorpion, Guy Pearce as Frank the hairy funnel-web spider, and Tim Minchin as Pretty Boy the koala. Cr: NETFLIX © 2021

You can meet all of the dangerously cute animals they created when Back To The Outback premieres on Netflix this December 10th, 2021!

Clare Knight and Harry Cripps Interview

About Back To The Outback

The hunt is on this holiday season when a group of “deadly” animals (along with a celebrity koala named Pretty Boy) escape the Australian Wildlife Park and head BACK TO THE OUTBACK! They’re dangerously cute and on the loose in this new family comedy starring Isla Fisher, Tim Minchin, Eric Bana, Guy Pearce, Miranda Tapsell, Angus Imrie, Keith Urban, Aislinn Derbez, and Jacki Weaver.

Back to the Outback is only on Netflix December 10

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