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Cleaning Up Christmas

The worst part of any holiday is after the holiday. All of that build up and now it’s over? And you have to clean it all up? After Christmas is the worst of all…if for no other reason that the massive amount of stuff I put out now has to go back. Not to mention the trail of glitter it all leaves in it’s wake. Shark® sent me their Shark Rocket® Powerhead to check out, and I saved its first run for the ultimate test…after Christmas. Queue the scary music…

SharkI have a full size, kinda expensive vacuum on each floor, and I have a love/hate relationship with them both. They were purchased when I had carpet. Now I have hardwoods everywhere, along with a couple of rugs I really dislike and want to replace. A vacuum that’s good on carpet isn’t necessarily going to be good on hardwoods. In the case of both of my vacuums, changing to the hard floor setting just meant turning off the brush. Suction-only gave mixed results.

Shark RocketThe Shark Rocket Powerhead weighs in at just nine pounds (not including the cord). That’s already a huge improvement over my full-sized vacuums. Of course one could also expect a less than stellar result from something so small. Luckily there’s some pretty sweet engineering going on in this little package that combines the motor and dust cup in the head of the vacuum, which reduces  the airflow path. That means tons of suction power.

Brush Holder

The Shark Rocket Powerhead has interchangeable brushrolls for carpet and hard floors. The roller garage stores the brushroll you’re not currently using. Need to switch? It only takes a few seconds to swap out.
Dust Canister

Time to empty the vacuum? The Shark Rocket Powerhead makes it easy. Just press a button on the back and the dust cup pops up, making it easy to pick up and empty directly into your trash can.

Other features include a telescoping handle with adjustable heights, LED headlights, a 30 foot cord and easy fingertip controls. The Shark Rocket Powerhead is available now, starting at just $169.99.

And yes. It cleans up all the glitter you can throw at it.

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