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Remember Me With A Coco-Inspired PopSocket

Pixar's Coco-inspired PopSockets on orange background.

I’ve always loved the aesthetics of Día de Muertos, and I had a rough understanding of the Mexican holiday. I can thank Pixar’s Coco, however, for giving me a much deeper knowledge and appreciation for the Day of the Dead. Coco will always have a special place in my heart. I was able to visit the Pixar campus during their early press days and see first hand all of the research and care that goes into making their films. Later I attended the premiere and press junket, which resulted in my first pull quotes! I was named in an ad for a Pixar film! This is all my long and roundabout way of saying that I always knew I needed more Coco crafts, and with my current PopSocket obsession, a Coco-inspired PopSocket had to happen!

Coco PopSocket

Coco PopSocket


  • Resin
  • Black and White Alcohol Ink
  • Resin Flowers
  • PopSocket
  • White Vinyl


  1. Mix resin according to instructions.
  2. Add several drops of black alcohol ink to your mixed resin.
  3. Add just enough white alcohol ink to turn the black resin opaque. You can skip this step if you are already using opaque black ink.
  4. Pour the resin in the Minnie Mouse mold and allow it to cure overnight.
  5. Dome the back of the mouse head and allow the resin to sit for a few hours.
  6. Carefully place a PopSocket on the back. As long as you've allowed the resin to set for a few hours it should be tacky enough for the PopSocket to stay in place without shifting.
  7. Add resin flowers and cut white vinyl to the black resin mouse head. If the flowers do not already have adhesive backing you can attach them with UV resin or super glue.
  8. Carefully dome the front of the mouse head, making sure to get resin in all areas around the base of the flowers. Allow the resin to cure overnight.

First things first, if you’re new to resin, hop over to my Resin 101 post where I go into detail about the resin I use, how to dome, and more!

Pixar's Coco-inspired PopSockets on orange background.

In my Snow White PopSocket post, I go into detail about the different sizes of Minnie Mouse molds that are available. Here, I used my biggest mold to accommodate the flowers. Resin flowers come in a variety of different sizes, so you could get away with using a smaller mold if you found smaller flowers. I was just in a hurry to make this and bought the only resin flowers I could find at Michaels. If you head there to find flowers of your own, note that these were with the scrapbooking stickers.

For the white vinyl decorations, I cut out the names of my friends Taty and Candy who would be receiving these using the Coco font available online. My original plan was to add just their names, but when I did that I realized something was missing. I hopped back over to Google and downloaded the original Coco logo to add a little flourish to the PopSockets. Pixar eventually settled on a logo design with a guitar, but I was always a fan of the earlier sugar skull version. The guitar would be just as cute if you decide to go with that one!

Want to save this Coco-inspired PopSocket for later? Click on the photo below to add to Pinterest!

Celebrate Pixar's Coco with a fun and festive DIY Coco-inspired PopSocket! Get the details on how to make your own version of this fun Disney Pixar craft along with loads of resin tips at As The Bunny Hops!
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