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Coffeehouse-Style Hot Chocolate

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Coffeehouse Style Hot Chocolate

We’re officially in hot chocolate season! I, for one, could not be happier. A great mug of hot chocolate is your reward for putting up with the ridiculous weather. Well, that and the excuse to buy new boots.


Of course the primary secret to a great cup of hot chocolate is a cup of milk. Yep…no packets of powdered whatever and hot water are going to get you anything close to that stuff you shell out $4 for at the coffee shop. Using LACTAID® Milk means that even those of us who normally have to limit our hot chocolate love because of lactose intolerance can enjoy multiple mugs! It’s 100% real dairy, just without that trouble-causing lactose.

Coffeehouse Hot Chocolate

Great hot chocolate is more than just a cup of flavored hot milk, though. It’s gotta be steamed. If you have an expresso machine at home, you’re set. If not? Fake it. Warm your milk and then use an immersible or regular blender to give it that frothy texture you love.

Coffehouse-Style Hot Chocolate

You’re also going to need syrups. And I meant that plural. Skip the powdered nonsense and use a quality chocolate syrup in your hot chocolate. About two tablespoons per cup is my choice, but adjust for your personal preferences. The other syrup? Vanilla! Great coffeehouse hot chocolate is going to have at least a pump of vanilla syrup in it. So grab your own to use at home. You can usually find vanilla syrup in the coffee aisle. Replace that vanilla with other syrup flavors like peppermint of salted caramel if you want to get really creative.

Lactaid Hot Chocolate

And we can’t forget the toppings. I like whipped cream, drizzles, peppermint chips. Basically-all the things. But when you’re making your own hot chocolate-do you!

So…got all the steps? Steamed milk. Chocolate and vanilla syrups. Toppings. Easy, right?And using LACTAID® Milk this holiday means that there are no worries about dairy envy with your guests! I mean, if you’re hosting I’m sure you’ll have all kinds of worries. But thanks to LACTAID®, this is one you can easily skip.

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