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Celebrate The Holidays with Coop & Cami Ask the World

Thank you to Disney Studios for hosting me during the Mary Poppins Returns Event, which included this interview with the cast of Coop & Cami As The World.

COOP & CAMI ASK THE WORLD - "Would You Wrather Get a Moose Angry" - The kids work together to try and make Jenna's wish of a classic Wrather Christmas come true but a major snowstorm and a disgruntled moose disrupt their Holiday. This episode of "Coop & Cami Ask The World" airs Friday, December 7 (8:30 P.M. ET/PT) on Disney Channel. (Disney Channel/Eric McCandless) DAKOTA LOTUS, ALBERT TSAI, PAXTON BOOTH, OLIVIA SANABIA, RUBY ROSE TURNER, REECE CADDELL

Disney Channel/Eric McCandless

The cast of Coop & Cami As The World had to use their imagination when it came to shooting their Christmas episode “Would You Wrather Get a Moose Angry”. Why? Because they shot the episode in July! “When they put up all the Christmas décor and set up all the sets, we kind of got into the spirit. I definitely felt the festive mood,” says Albert Tsai.

Cast Blogger Interview. Get in the holiday spirit with Coop & Cami Ask The World's Christmas episode “Would You Wrather Get a Moose Angry” on the Disney Channel!

Dakota Lotus actually confused his friends. “I would text my friends, and I would say, “Hey, Merry Christmas.” And they’d be like, “What?” It’s like, “Oh, yeah. I mean, Merry Christmas in July, I guess!”

They’re all looking forward to their own family celebrations now that they’ve celebrated with their Disney Channel family. “I only get to see my grandma once a year, and that’s Christmastime, so we always share Christmas together with Grandma,” says Paxton Booth.

“We have a big neighborhood that does really fun stuff every year,” replies Ruby Rose Turner. “We always like to go around and walk and see all the other Christmas lights, so it’s fun.”

You can watch catch Coop & Cami Ask The World – “Would You Wrather Get a Moose Angry” tonight, December 7th at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT on Disney Channel. It is also available on the Disney NOW app.

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