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Crazy Easy Curls with the Conair Curl Secret

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Conair Infiniti Pro Curl Secret #shop

I have the straightest hair in the world. Seriously. If there was an award for straightest hair I’d win it. Hands down. I’ve spent many hours trying to get some curl in my hair only to have the curls fall flat in a few hours. (If they lasted that long.) It’s no wonder I eventually gave up and settled into a lifetime of super straight hair. It’s a shame, too. Whenever I do have curly hair I get tons of compliments. (Well, that is if the person giving the compliment manages to see me in the first few hours before the curls all fall out…)Straight Hair  #shopThis is the normal state of hair affairs. And before you get all, “But I’d love to have straight hair!” let me tell you…this is not the straight hair you want. It does nothing. No-thing. Except stay straight. All the time. Every day. No mater what I try.

From the moment I saw the Curl Secret video I was obsessed. Obsessed. It looked far too easy. Even if it wasn’t that easy I wanted to give it a shot. A chance to have curls in just a few minutes? Yes. Please. I mean, if it doesn’t work I can always take it back, right?

Curl Scret by ConairExcept ohhhemmmghee it works. It really is that easy. Curls in seconds. A full head of curls in just a few minutes. No way this is going back. It’s going everywhere with me every day for the rest of my life. Am I over enthusiastic? I don’t care. I have curls. Finally! I have curls! To create this all I had to do was section off my hair and curl my way around my head. The Curl Secret was so quick it only took five minutes!

Conair Curl Secret wavesBut wait…there’s more! Brush through the curls and it’s easy peasy waves. And so now you want to know how long the curls last, right? All. Day. Long. Seriously. The curls last all day! (I even have curl left the next morning. And I sleep like a crazy person.)

So I know you’re all, “But Amy, it can’t be that easy.” But I’m telling you it is! It’s so easy I made you a video to show you just how easy it is! (Yeah, I made a video. Yeah, I’m surprised, too…)

If I didn’t already own the Curl Secret I’d totally want one for Christmas. (True story-I’d already talked my best friend into buying it for me as my Christmas present.) I’ll let you in on a little secret. It’s only $99 if you buy it at Walmart. That’s a $51 savings over buying it online!

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