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Disney Halloween Shakers

Thank you to Walt Disney World for hosting me during the 2021 Epcot International Food and Wine Festival Media Preview.

Disney Halloween Shakers on yellow background.

Resin is a labor of love and patience, so it’s really surprising just how much I love working with it. The first time I saw someone make a resin shaker I never thought I’d want to make my own…too many steps! I found a Mickey shaker mold, though, and thought I’d give it a shot. Guess what? Shakers are now my favorite thing to make! These Disney Halloween shakers will take a few days, but I think it’s worth the effort! If you’re new to resin make sure you check out my Resin 101 post.

Disney Halloween Shakers on yellow background. Resin mold and cured resin in orange and black.

First things first: shakers require a silicon shaker mold. You can make these in layers with different colors, but to keep things simple I made solid black and solid orange Mickeys. I use alcohol ink to color my resin and add a bit of white ink to make things less translucent.

Disney Halloween Shakers on yellow background. Empty resin Mickeys.

You can make these shakers into PopSockets or badge reels. I wanted to make keychains, so in addition to using a small jewelry drill to add a hole to the bottom of my resin, I also added small eye hooks to the top. Because my eye hooks poked through the resin, I added a few coats of UV resin to create a protective barrier encasing the end of the hook. You can also add a bail with a little UV resin to the back and then you don’t have to worry about the eye hook poking through.

Disney Halloween Shakers on yellow background. Confetti adding step.

Once you’ve drilled your holes and cleaned up any resin shavings, it’s time to add your confetti. I used witch confetti and chunky black glitter in my orange Mickey and put a handful of jack-o-lantern confetti in my black Mickey.

You’ll use transparency film to seal everything in place. Trace around your shaker onto a sheet of transparency film with a dry erase marker. Cut along the outline and make sure the cut out fully fits on the outer rim of your shaker. I did this by hand the first few times and eventually started using my digital cutter to save time. Line the shaker rim with UV resin and place the film on top. Place your shaker under a UV light until the resin has cured.

Dome the top and back of your shaker with regular epoxy resin and allow it to cure. (I added a bow during this step which conveniently hid the eye hook.)

Once everything has fully cured, use a needle tip bottle to fill the shaker with baby oil using the hole you pre-drilled in the bottom. Seal that hole with a few layers of UV resin.

Disney Halloween Shakers on yellow background.

The last step is using a jump ring to attach your keychain. After that, your Disney Halloween Shaker is ready to use! If this is intimidating don’t worry. I swear it’s easier than it looks. Check out “resin shaker” videos on YouTube. (I promise I’ll make a video to embed here soon!) You can also save a ton of money buying your supplies on AliExpress…you just can’t be in a hurry for them to arrive.

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