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How Rain Inspired The Disney Short “Us Again”

A series of animated shorts were created last year as a Disney+ exclusive series entitled “Short Circuit.” One of those shorts, “Puddles,” was directed by Zach Parrish. “Puddles” tells the story of a young boy who discovers that rain puddles can be portals to a fantastical world. Now Parrish has directed “Us Again,” Disney’s first theatrical short in five years. Rain plays a fundamental part in “Us Again,” too. “I guess I have a thing for rain and puddles and such,” laughs Parrish.

In the case of “Us Again,” rain is a symbolic fountain of youth. “It was such a joy to go out and to play in the rain,” says Parrish. “When thinking about water mechanisms as this fountain of youth, the rain just felt like this perfect fit… It makes you feel like a kid again.”

While the rain seems to literally melt away the years in “Us Again,” Parrish cautions that the meaning isn’t literally about becoming young. “It’s actually about emotionally being true to who you are and recognizing that world around you.” So, rather than a literal Fountain Of Youth, rain is the inspiring force that makes us “Us Again.”

You can watch “Puddles” on Disney+ now and you can catch “Us Again” in theaters with Raya And The Last Dragon on March 5h or on Disney+ in June.

“Us Again” Press Conference

About “Us Again”

Set in a vibrant city pulsating with rhythm and movement, an elderly man and his young-at-heart wife rekindle their youthful passion for life and each other on one magical night. The years fade away as the joy of dancing propels them across the exciting cityscape of their youth and revives fond memories and ambitions. “Us Again” is told entirely without dialogue and set to an original funk and soul musical score reminiscent of the mid-60s.

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