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Cinderella Easter Basket Tutorial

CB DisclosureCinderella Easter BasketI’m taking a small break from bunny-ing all the things to Cinderella all the things. It’s the logical thing to do with my current obsession over the live action movie. Chances are you know someone who’d love a Cinderella Easter basket. Maybe you’d love a Cinderella Easter basket. It’s pretty darn easy, so there’s no reason why you can’t make one for everyone on your Easter list and still make one for yourself.  I won’t judge. Make a fun Easter basket inspired by Cinderella's ball gown! #DisneyEaster #adAll you need is a collection of Cinderella themed toys and accessories. Check out the Easter section at Walmart for some great options. Tulle and ButterfliesThis basket is inspired by Cinderella’s ball gown in the film. You’ll also need a basket, elastic, decorative butterflies and about 30 yards of tulle. I picked out spools of glittery tulle which, if I’m being honest, made a total mess. It’s really pretty, though. If you choose to get tulle without glitter you can always hit it with a few coats of glitter spray for a similar effect. Rotary CutterI used my rotary tool to cut the tulle. It makes things much easier. You can use scissors as well, it just won’t go as quickly. Measure the height of your basket just under the lip to the bottom, double it, then add another inch. That’s the length you’ll need to cut each piece of tulle. Tulle LoopCut your elastic to fit snugly around the basket. Take one piece of tulle and form a loop behind the elastic. Tulle Loop KnotThen pull the tails of the tulle up through the loop, around the elastic. Tulle Loop KnotsRepeat that over and over and over again until your elastic is full. I tend to buy a thicker piece of elastic and double it over when I’m making a tulle skirt. I find the thinner elastic a little too flimsy when I’m making my loop knots. Once your tulle skirt is complete, stitch the ends of the elastic together. Cover that by sliding over some of the tulle. Cinderella Easter Basket SkirtPull the skirt up over your basket and use hot glue in a few spots around the basket lip to hold it in place. Use more hot glue to add the decorative butterflies. (I picked these up where you can find scrapbooking supplies.) Cinderella Basket ToysAdd some princess worthy basket fill and then stuff with your toys. Notice there’s not a bunny in sight? Or candy, for that matter. Who said Easter had to be about the sweets?

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