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DIY Confetti Balloons

Confetti Balloon

Nothing says party time like a balloon. Maybe a cupcake. But beyond that, nope. A balloon equals instant celebration. Balloons are also easy to customize. Whatever your party theme, there’s a way to work some balloons into it.

My friends over at Balloon Time gave me one of their personal helium tanks to inspire a little balloon fun this week. I decided to try my hand at an over-sized confetti balloon.

Balloon Weight

You can, of course, buy confetti. I wanted something shiny and couldn’t find shiny confetti that was large enough. That meant a little DIY was necessary. I picked up the shiny pink tissue paper and giant clear balloons from the craft store. I used a square of the pink paper with a few rocks from my yard to make a balloon weight. You wouldn’t want to go to all of this effort only to have your balloon float away, right? Although I should clarify that “all this effort” is really not much effort at all.

Drink Bottle Funnel

I cut the pink foil tissue paper into strips with scissors. Then using the top of a soda bottle as a funnel, I loaded up my balloon.

Confetti In Balloon

I was using a giant balloon, so I used lots of confetti to fill it up. You really can’t have too much confetti. Well, I suppose technically you could put in so much heavy confetti that the balloon couldn’t inflate. But outside of that, you can’t overdo it.

Balloon Time Tank

Once I had all of my confetti inside the balloon, I used my Balloon Time tank to fill it up.

DIY Confetti Balloons

Instant party! Plus, keeping the confetti inside of the balloon means it’s a lot easier to clean up once the party is over. Of course if people decide a fun party activity is popping said confetti balloons? Well…expect your vacuum cleaner to get a workout.

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