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DIY Hamilton Earrings


Like many people, I’m obsessed with the Hamilton soundtrack. Like many people who are also obsessed, I’ve yet to see the stage version. One day…

My friend Summer requested a Hamilton decal for her laptop. (She’s in the same soundtrack-obsessed boat that I am.) I obliged…a mere month or so after her request, because I allow myself to get easily distracted. While I was cutting with my Silhouette, I wondered if the decal would make good earrings. (Remember those Star Wars earrings from last year?) I sized down my cut file and sure enough, they worked perfectly!

Follow along with the instructions from my Star Wars earrings to make your own earring blanks. Grab this Silhouette cut file and cut out the design in black vinyl. I gave the blanks a coat of gold liquid leaf before applying the Hamiltons. Because the cut is in one piece, you don’t need to use transfer tape to apply the design. That makes it super easy to line things up. And that’s it! Ridiculously easy Hamilton earrings, ready to wear!


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