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DIY Metallic Dorm Decor

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Metallic Dorm Decor

It’s been a few years, but I do still remember how much fun I had decorating my dorm room. Shopping for back to school was always fun, but shopping for my dorm room? That was the best! have pretty much everything you need for your dorm, minus the textbooks. They even have a handy checklist on their website to help you prepare. Sheets, storage, dorm decor…it’s all covered!

I love picking up things to craft hack while I’m shopping at At Home. During my last visit, I fell in love with the decorative white shapes featured in their Back To Campus display.

White DecorOf course if you know me at all, you know I can’t resist giving something a coat of paint. Cute as the shapes are in their white form, I know lots of dorm rooms are also white. With such limited space, your dorm decor has to pop! I considered giving each piece multiple colors of metallic paint, but in the end I settled on one color per shape.

Foil Supplies

The metallic paint is cool on its own, but I do love me some transfer foil. I picked up a roll of holographic foil and mixed up the application with a foil adhesive pen and glue dots to add a little holo sparkle.

Foil Pen Lines

Foil adhesive pens are similar to paint pens, except instead of paint they’re leaving a line of glue. I used my pen to draw stripes on the pink shape. Look closely and you can almost see the lines. Let the adhesive sit for about 30 seconds, then you can apply the foil.

Holographic FoilFully cover the area where you’ve drawn on the glue with foil, shiny side up. Work in one area at a time to avoid making a mess.

Holographic Foil Stripes

Press firmly and peel back the foil. You’ll have some rainbow-y, holographic-y stripes waiting to amaze you.

Holographic Polka Dots

I’ve done the whole glue dot, polka dot thing before, but I loved enough to try it again.

Easy Metallic Dorm Decor

So cute, right? And with the foil pen, the sky is the limit for what you can create. Maybe foil your school or greek letters on your shapes?

DIY Metallic Dorm Decor

You can find these shapes, along with all of your back to campus needs at !

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