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DIY Photo Booth Wall Frames

This post was written as part of the Fox Home Entertainment Insiders Program.Photo Booth FramesI got a great collection of scrapbooking supplies to help me celebrate the release of Paper Towns with some friends. What better way to celebrate a movie that’s about friendship, adventures and making memories than going through old photos?

Of course when I was looking for photos I immediately started grabbing all of my photo booth strips, too. I’ve never met a photo booth that I didn’t like, so I thought it would be great to make a fun way to display those photos on the wall, in addition to inside a scrapbook.
Photobooth PhotosI didn’t want to damage my original photo strips, so I ran them all through the scanner and printed them out on photo paper. Not having the originals meant the resolution was a bit low, but it’s still workable. Plus-copies for everyone! Cut PhotosSince I printed them out on 4″x 6″ photo paper, I had to start with a little trimming. I had my cutting mat, metal ruler and craft knife out for the next step, so I just used them to trim off the extra paper.
Balsa FrameI picked up a bag of balsa wood scraps from the craft store to make my frames. I realized that photo booths do not have a universal printing size, so each balsa wood frame was cut to fit each individual strip.
Photos and Cut FramesAfter cutting all of the wood, I gave each piece a quick coating of acrylic paint.

Make Frames

I used a tape runner to assemble the frames and attach the photo booth strips.


Anywhere that needed a little extra support, I used a small amount of wood glue. Using any wet glue with photos printed on an ink-jet requires some careful application. Ink-jet photos will smear when wet.


I could have left the frames as is…but you know I’m a more-is-more girl. So of course I hit up my stash of adhesive rhinestones to bling everything out.

Photo Booth Frames

I think a little sparkle was just what they needed. And I sear I didn’t do it just to cover up my bad miter job!

Gallery Wall

I loved it so much I even hung them up in my office gallery!

Paper Towns Beauty Box

Paper Towns is on DVD now! There are even a few days left for you to win a copy of your own!

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