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DIY Sports Straws

CB Disclosure

Coca-Cola is a corporate champion of the NCAA. 
It's fun to make your own sports themed straws! #FinalFourPack #adWhen it comes to sports, I’m “that girl”. I don’t really care…until you’re pulling against my team. I don’t really watch…until you invite me to a viewing party. It’s not really my thing…until you mention buying tickets for the game. Then I’m all-in. I’m the biggest fan ever. And of course I’m always going to love my school. They just made it to the top sixteen in the men’s national championship. I should probably know how the ladies did. I fail. Let me Google it…brb. OK, the women made it to the regional semifinals. See…told you. That girl. 

Now let’s talk sports beverages. As in sports viewing beverages. Because, seriously…after all of that you definitely didn’t think I actually played any sports, right? But again, I love the social aspect. I like hanging out with friends. And when you’re with friends there needs to be great food and your favorite drinks like Coke Zero, Cherry Coke and Vanilla Coke. There’s even a special Coca-Cola NCAA® Final Four Pack available at Walmart to help you celebrate.
Sports Balls
To festive things up a notch, I’m also going to help you make ridiculously easy but super cute sports straws. Perfect for any sports related activity. Well, any sports related drinking activity. Don’t take them on the field or the court. You could lose an eye! To make your straws, you’ll want to print out two of the ball of your choice for each straw you want to make. Grab the clip art above for this if you like, or find your own. Sports Silhouette CutI used the print and cut feature on my Silhouette, but you can totally cut these by hand. Make sure you make your balls at least an inch in diameter. Any smaller will be too small to secure to the straw. I think approximately an inch and a half is perfect. At least for this project.It's fun to make your own sports themed straws! #FinalFourPack #ad

Grab a handful of your favorite straws. If you’re not on team #PaperStraws, don’t worry. This totally works on plastic straws, too. Even on bendy straws. Maybe not on crazy straws, but hey…give it a shot.

It's fun to make your own sports themed straws! #FinalFourPack #adApply adhesive to the back of each ball and press together over the straw to secure. I used my glue dot runner which worked super well for this. It's fun to make your own sports themed straws! #FinalFourPack #adJust pop your straw in the can and you’re ready to watch the game.

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