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Do You Know Your DNA Ancestry?

23andMe provided me with a complimentary DNA Ancestry Kit. This post contains affiliate links.

Until a few weeks ago, my ancestry could best be described as “Generically European”. At least that’s what I would have called it based on the fact that I had absolutely no clue. Now I can go into super specific detail thanks to 23andme and my DNA Ancestry report.

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I ordered my saliva collection kit online, spit into the collection tube according to the directions, then I shipped it off to the lab in the provided box. 23andMe kept me updated during every step of the process, from receiving the kit, to analyzing the results, to letting me know my report was ready.

So my “Generically European” wasn’t wrong. I just now know that I’m primarily British and Irish. But I’m also French, German and Scandinavian. And just a little bit Sub-Sharan African, Middle Eastern and North African.

There’s even a timeline that let me know how recently I had an ancestor in the population.

One of the really cool things that 23andMe offers is a chance to connect with your DNA family. It identifies relatives who have also received a 23andMe DNA ancestry report. You can opt in to send and receive messages with your newly discovered cousins to help fill out those new branches on your family tree.

I’ve visited England three times in the past, and I’ve always said London was my favorite city. Now I feel an even closer connection to the country. I’m also ready to explore other parts of Europe like Germany. I am 10% French and German, after all!

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