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The Jungle Book In Dolby Cinema at AMC Prime

Thank you to Disney for sponsoring my attendance at the #JungleBookEvent!

Dolby Cinema

I love seeing movies in the theater. There’s something about seeing the film on the big screen that just can’t be replicated at home. Plus, when I spill my popcorn I don’t have to clean it up. It’s win/win.

AMCI thought things at my local AMC theater were pretty awesome, but I wasn’t prepared for the mind-blowing that was about to take place when we screened The Jungle Book in Dolby Cinema™ at AMC Prime®. From this point forward, going to the movies is probably going to feel like sitting in coach when your last flight was in first class. You know, still probably fine, but not nearly as fabulous.

The Jungle Book Screening

You may already be familiar with the AMC Prime power reclining seats with seat transducers that vibrate with the action on screen. I, however, was not. Before the screening we saw a few clips, including the opening of Inside Out the trailer for The Force Awakens. Despite the fact that I’ve seen Episode VII I couldn’t tell you how many times, I now want to see it again. In those seats. It was that amazing.

But the fancy seats are just the start of the story. Dolby Cinema is offering Dolby Vision™ laser projection and Dolby Atmos® sound to give you crazy awesome sound and image quality.

But this is not in my theater, you say. Take heart. By the end of 2018, there will be at least 50 operating Dolby Cinema at AMC Prime locations, and up to 100 by the end of 2024. Even if there’s not a location near year, it’s a great treat for watching a film while you travel.


And, of course, a visit to the movies means grabbing some treats. That meant traditional movie fare, plus all of the drink options available at McGuffins. I stuck with popcorn, because…popcorn. But I also grabbed a pretty tasty rum drink that paired quite nicely with said popcorn.

The Jungle Book is the perfect movie to see in Dolby Cinema™ at AMC Prime® if you have the chance. The visuals and the sound of the film are already amazing, so the enhanced experience will make it that much better!

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The Jungle Book opens in theaters everywhere in 3D, RealD 3D, and IMAX 3D on April 15th!

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