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Dollar Tree Valentine’s Day Countdown Calendar

I love advent calendars so much that I had two just for myself this year. I decided the perfect way to spread my love of a countdown throughout the year was to make a new Valentine’s Day countdown calendar. The best part is it’s made with things you can easily find at the dollar store!

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Valentine’s Day Countdown Calendar

To make your own Valentine’s Day Countdown Calendar, you’ll need:

  • 2 Heart Shaped Wreath Forms
  • 14 Heart Shaped Ornaments (Sold in bags of four, so pick up four bags!)
  • Red Napkins
  • Valentine’s Day Garland (I used three pieces)
  • Wire or Twist Ties
  • Treats To Stuff Inside
Heart-shaped wreath form and Valentine's Day garland.

How To Make A Valentine’s Day Countdown Calendar

I started the whole process by covering my wreath forms in the Valentine’s Day garland.

Wreath in a heart shape with Valentine's Day garland that has red ruffles and red and white hearts.

I then attached my two wreaths together with wire and added the ornaments with more wire. Having completed this, I will say that it might be easier to attach the wreaths and ornaments first, then wrap the garland around as a final step. Either way will work, though!

Getting your ornaments ready for the countdown

Chocolate kisses and chocolate hearts.

I cut up a few red napkins to wrap around my treats so they would be hidden inside of the heart ornaments. Candy and small toys are great for this, but you could also include little notes or fun activities you’ve written down to include inside of the hearts.

Red, heart-shaped ornament with candy inside and the number 13 on the outside.

I used my Circut to cut out the numbers 1-14 to add to each heart, but you could also use stickers or a paint pen to create the countdown if you don’t have a digital cutter available.

Up close look at a countdown heart on the wreath.

I used command strip hooks to hang my Valentine’s Day Countdown Calendar to the door. Now it’s ready for February!

Valentine's Day countdown calendar wreath with two hearts and little heart ornaments full of treats.

Happy Valentine’s Day! 🙂

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