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{Tutorial} Duct Tape Tardis Tech Case

Doctor Who, Tardis, Tech Case, Duct Tape

I can’t claim to be a Whovian, but my friend Mandy is. That’s why I thought she might like this Tardis tech case for her Kindle Fire. (My regular, not even a little bit on fire Kindle is filling in for the photos…)

Duct Tape, Painters, Duck Tape, Packing Tape
All you need for this project is black, white and blue Duck Brand Duct Tape, a fine tip Elmer’s Painters in white, a roll of clear packing tape, bubble wrap and fabric. The basic construction is the same as my Kate Space inspired iPod case. (You can click there for the tutorial.)

How you lay everything out will depend on the size of the case you’re constructing. (I know a Tardis side has eight panels, but to get things to look as they should I had to stick to six here.) I created a grid with six large black duct tape squares, leaving space at the top for the Police Box sign. I added slightly smaller piece of blue to the lower squares to create the panel effect. I cut smaller white squares as well, then divided each of those into six rectangles to create the windows. (I used my X-ACTO knife and cutting mat for all of my cutting-duct tape removes easily from a cutting mat.)

I used another piece of black duct tape to create the Police Box sign. I wrote on the tape using the white Painters marker. Once that was dry (which only took a few seconds) I covered it with the clear packing tape. (This step is necessary to keep the paint from flaking off.)

Duct Tape, Tardis, Tech Case, DIY, Tutorial, Doctor Who, Whovian

And there you have it! An easy way to protect your tech-perfect for any Doctor Who fan!

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