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Make A Little Dumpster Fire Ornament To Remind You Of 2020

Celebrate this dumpster fire of a year with a DIY Dumpster Fire Ornament. 
Ornament hanging on tree.

I make DIY ornaments every year, but when it was time to think of what to make in 2020 just one things came to mind. I introduce you to the Dumpster Fire Ornament. Fill it with your hopes and dreams for all that could have been if this year hadn’t turned into such a dumpster fire.

Dumpster Fire Ornament

Dumpster Fire Ornament


  • Small Wooden Box
  • Green and Black Craft Paint
  • Small Eye Hook
  • Red, Yellow, and Orange Felt
  • Balsa Wood Strip or Craft Sticks
  • Ribbon


  • Craft Knife
  • Paintbrushes
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun


  1. Start with a basic balsa wood craft box.
  2. Use a craft or utility knife to cut off top of box.
  3. Remove hinges and latch from box. You can patch any holes with caulk or spackle.
  4. Create an angled edge with balsa wood cut to fit around the sides and back of box.
  5. Cut more balsa wood to create sides of dumpster.
  6. Attach cut balsa wood with hot glue.
  7. Cut top of box in half and use hot glue to attach one side flat against the box and the other side propped open.
  8. Paint the top of the dumpster black and the bottoms and side green.
  9. Cut flame shapes out of felt and glue them inside of the dumpster.
  10. Add a small eye hook and ribbon and your ornament is ready to hang!


Balsa wood is very easy to cut with a small craft knife. If you don't have balsa wood, craft sticks will work. They are just a little harder to cut.

Depending on how cleanly your balsa wood cuts you may need to gently sand the edges.

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Celebrate this dumpster fire of a year with a DIY Dumpster Fire Ornament. Get the details on this easy (and 2020 appropriate) Christmas craft at As The Bunny Hops!
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