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Easy Halloween Costume Pairs

Thank you to Hot Topic for sponsoring this collection of my favorite Halloween costume pairs! This post contains affiliate links.

You know I’m not scared of a little DIY, but sometimes it’s easier to just buy the thing. That’s especially true when it comes to Halloween costumes. Buying your costumes from the a store doesn’t mean you can’t still make it fun. It’s always better when you can pair up with your favorite partner in crime on your costume ideas. I’m sharing six of my favorite ideas for costume duos that you can find now at Hot Topic.

Everyone knows the two best characters in Hercules were Meg and Hades. These two super cute dresses make for a totally fun costume pairing. 

You’ll be hard pressed to decide which one of these costume options is the most comfortable: Lilo or Stitch? T-shirt dress or onesie? There’s no wrong choice. 

I’m looking forward to the live-action Mulan next year, but I’m feeling all kinds of ways about the fact that there’s no Mushu (at least not as a dragon) in that version. You can still celebrate the animated classic with this adorable Mulan and Mushu costume pairing. 

Live out your dreams of working at Starcourt Mall in these Stranger Things-inspired Robin and Steve Scoops Ahoy uniform costumes. 

If there’s a costume that demands to be worn as part of a pair, it’s this Grady sisters costume inspired by The Shining. Grab your own sister-or a friend who you love like a sister-and pick up two of these dresses. Throwing on some fake blood is optional, but totally encouraged. 

It doesn’t matter which house is yours: you can find a robe at Hot Topic if you’re Slytherin, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw. So technically, you can do this costume idea as a quartet. But, you know, a minimum of a duo really sells the idea. You can also choose between a full costume or just the robe, depending on your budget. 

Whatever costume you decide to wear this Halloween, check out Hot Topic for possible costume and accessory ideas! 

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