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Easy Halloween Party Ideas

CB Disclosure#shopHalloween just kind of creeped up on my this year. I’m anxiously awaiting the start of October so that I can put out my Halloween decorations and then, “Bam!” Half of October is GONE and I’m just getting started. Luckily there are lots of easy peasy ways to get a jump start on your Halloween celebration and you can pick up everything you need at Walmart. Minimal effort required! (I live for minimal effort…)

#shopHello, Pizza Party! Tombstone is the official pizza of Halloween. (I mean you just can’t put that on the label if it’s not true, right?) They’ve decked out their packages with lots of ghoulish characters. I’m digging the pizza loving pumpkin on their Extra Cheese.

#shopYears ago I was introduced to the joy that is ranch dressing dip for your pizza. Yum! But then a little later I was introduced to the additional joy that is a buttery garlic dip for your crust. These are the choices that make life hard. Ranch or garlic butter?

Hello? Why not both! Trust me…it’s oh-so-good together. Just melt a little butter at half power in the microwave. Add some garlic. (Real minced garlic if you have it, garlic powder if you don’t.) Then mix with a little ranch dressing. So easy and so good. And no more difficult pizza dip decisions.

But wait. It’s Halloween. Hold tight…#shop

That’s better. You have your pizza. You have your dip. And you’re safe from any vampires that decide to stop by.

#shopOf course you’ll need a dessert. I have you covered. This is the world’s easiest dessert. And it’s so good. (And bonus, I scored a giant bag of candy that’s going to be enough to make this and cover my trick or treaters!)#shop

All you have to do is take about 15 mini or fun size Butterfingers and chop them up. (I used my mini-prep, but you can certainly do this by hand-Butterfingers are soft enough you could even put them in a plastic bag that seals and use the whacking method!) Just add your butterfingers to your favorite brownie mix and bake. I’m a corner girl so there’s nothing I love more than baking a batch of brownies in cupcake liners. Corners for everyone! And if you’re one of those middle of the brownies types, well…too bad. The world is full of brownie centers. You’ll just have to deal with some crispy edges this once.Spooky Butterfinger Brownie Bites Recipe #shop

Just add a few candy eyes when they’re fresh from the oven and you have instant Halloween appeal!

Halloween Pillow Packs #shopOK, and there’s just one more thing…but this is sort of a tease. This week I’ll be sharing the printables you need to create these super cute Halloween pillow boxes. (They’re easier than you think!) Stuff them full of mini treats like Nerds, Butterfingers, Crunch Bars and Gobstoppers and you’ll have the coolest party favors on the block.

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