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Easy The Little Mermaid Party Ideas

CB DisclosureThe Little Mermaid Costume Decoration #shopThe Little Mermaid was the first movie I ever owned. For full disclosure I should admit that I wasn’t a little kid when this happened. I also feel like I should share that I still have that original VHS tape. It’s been well loved over the last 25 years…

The Little Mermaid VHS #shopNow The Little Mermaid is my nieces’ favorite movie. (It was the theme of their last dance recital-so cute!) We’re planning a trip to Disney World in January and I’ve heard a rumor that a Little Mermaid themed birthday party is in the works.

Little Mermaid InviteBut there’s no need to wait for a special occasion to have a Little Mermaid party. Not when I’ve got the world’s easiest party plan to share! Start with the invite above. Just save the picture, print and fill in your party info.

Little Mermaid Dress Up #shopNext you’ll need to decide on what to wear-like this Little Mermaid party dress. (Or the one pictured at the top of the post. Or both. There’s no reason not to have a costume change at your party…)

Little Mermaid Goldfish #shopServe food that fits in your theme like these fish shaped crackers.

Little Mermaid Sweedish Fish #shop

Or how about some fish shaped candy?

Little Mermaid Chocolates #shopYou can even make seashell chocolates in about five minutes if you pick up some candy melts and a seashell chocolate mold. Toys from The Little Mermaid collection at Walmart make perfect table decorations. And how cute is it to serve your snacks in fish bowls?

SAMSUNG CSCYou’ll need to wash down all of your mermaid snacks. And what better way to serve your drinks than in these awesome blue mason jars? (I’ve been looking for an excuse to buy these jars, and I figured why not? They totally look like sea glass, right? Play along…I really needed to buy them.)

Of course your party entertainment is covered when you settle in to watch The Little Mermaid. Oh my goodness…25 year old VHS tapes just don’t hold up well on a HD TV, do they? But never fear…The Little Mermaid Collector’s Edition DVD/BluRay will be released on October 1st. (Which is pretty convenient, because I’m really not sure how many more plays my old tape has left!)

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