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Easy Savings With Food Lion’s MVP Coupon Hub

MVP CardSmall Basic DisclosureI had a brief flirtation with that whole crazy coupon thing. I spent months clipping from the Sunday paper and stocking my pantry and linen closet full of things that were free. I then realized the downside of coupons: it’s a lot of work and it takes over your house. I was bored with spending my Sunday with the inserts. I had no room in my pantry or linen closet. I realized I was buying products I didn’t need or use. Every spare space in the house was full of stuff. It was time for a change. I donated everything I didn’t think I would use and canceled my newspaper subscription. I never regretted that decision.

That didn’t mean I didn’t mourn the savings just a little. I do love to shop. Every penny I can save at the grocery store is an extra penny I can spend at the mall, right? But the coupon grind just wasn’t for me. At least not until something better came along…

Coupon HubEnter the MVP Coupon Hub. It’s pretty simple. You visit Food Lion’s website. You browse the coupons. You load the ones you want on your card. How easy is that? Just a few seconds on the website and you’re ready to shop. (You’ll need to link up your MVP card on your first visit if you don’t already have a Food Lion account.)

Coupon HubAnd yes, that is $4.25 in savings from the Coupon Hub on my last shopping trip. You might not think that’s a lot of money…but I only spent a little over $40…so that’s about 10% in savings. All on things I already had on my shopping list. (And remember-it only took a few seconds to add those coupons to my MVP card.) You might be wondering if it takes time for the coupons to show up on your card. I’m happy to report that I loaded my card just before I walked out the door to go shopping-and everything worked like a charm.

And if easy peasy coupons weren’t a good enough reason to check out the Coupon Hub, how about a chance to win? From now until March 4, 2014, Food Lion is giving eight winners each week a $25 gift card, loaded directly onto their MVP card just for loading a coupon. There will also be a grand prize winner in their “Save to Win Sweepstakes” who gets $1000 loaded onto their card! (That’s a lot of groceries!)

Gift CardBut wait…there’s more. Four (that’s right FOUR!) of you are going to win a $25 Food Lion gift card right here! Just enter in the RaffleCopter below.

Good luck!

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