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Easy Sleeping Beauty Party Plan-Giving Movie Night A Princess Makeover

CB DisclosureSleeping Beauty Movie Night #DisneyBeauties #shopI don’t think it comes as any great shock that I have a fondness for all things Disney. That’s extra true when it comes to Disney Princesses. What can I say? This girl loves a good fairy tale. Sleeping Beauty also hold a special place in my heart for having my favorite Disney Villain. I love Maleficent so much I even made a pair of horns to wear for Halloween. Nothing against Aurora, but Maleficent is just too fabulous for words.

I was the proud owner  of every Disney movie ever released on VHS. I finally had to come to terms with the fact that the tape was dead and I donated them all to the local charity shop. I’ve been slowly rebuilding my collection on DVD ever since. The arrival of the Sleeping Beauty DVD in stores gave me a great excuse to create a small-but fabulous-movie night party plan. Any reason to celebrate like a princess!

Sleeping Beauty Blu-Ray #DisneyBeauties #shopI scoured my Walmart on a recent trip for my princess gear. Dress up? Mandatory. Sleeping Beauty Diamond Edition DVD and Blu-Ray? Obviously. Gold spray paint? Oh yes…

Gold Spray Paint #DisneyBeauties #shopI took cheap plastic party dishes and gave them a quick coat of gold. I figured spray paint coming into contact with food would be a bad idea, so I only sprayed the outside of everything. The inside is totally paint free and after a hand-washing it’s even ready to use again!

Sleeping Beauty Ginger Ale Wine Glasses #DisneyBeauties #shopIf the little people you know are anything like the little people I know, they love pretending to be all fancy and grown up. Plastic champagne glasses with the bases spray painted gold and filled with ginger ale or sparkling grape juice make any movie night feel like a royal ball.

Sleeping Beauty Popcorn Sweets Bar #DisneyBeauties #shopYou can’t have a movie night without popcorn, right? If you can, I don’t want to know about it… I created a sweet toppings bar for my popcorn including chocolate, caramel and toffee chips. They’re all great on popcorn. Or by the handful. I won’t judge.

Aurora's Dress Marshmallow Treats #DisneyBeauties #shopMy favorite scene in the movie-spoiler alert-is at the end when Flora and Merryweather continue to fight over the color of Aurora’s dress, turning it from pink to blue and back again. I created a fun little dessert inspired by the dress. Just take strawberry marshmallows and dip in blue candy melts. You could stop there, but I also dipped mine in gold sprinkles because…gold.

Sleeping Beauty Movie Night #DisneyBeauties #shopHow easy was that? Just pop in the movie, sit back and relax. Just don’t be surprised when you’re asked to hold the very same movie night again next week. Don’t worry…you’re ready. Just don’t forget where you stored all of those gold party supplies…

Disney Princess at Walmart #DisneyBeauties #shopFind everything you need for your Disney’s Sleeping Beauty Movie Night at Walmart!

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