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Enjoy The Silence This Christmas with Target

Yes. It really is Christmas next month. And I know you’re excited. (I am, too!) But perhaps you’re also a little overwhelmed with all of the potential gift choices? So many toys to choose from and the potential havoc they could wreck on your peace and quiet after the holidays? Scary stuff. But never fear, dear reader! I have a collection of gifts that all but guarantee silent nights in your future…

Beats by Dre Headphones mean only they hear their favorite music, movies and games. (And the sound is so good you might even want a pair for yourself. Yes. I have a pair. In pink. They’re awesome.)

Have a budding musician on your shopping list? This digital drum set actually comes with it’s own headphones, too. So much better than a traditional drum set that can only be turned off by locking it away in the attic.
If they’d rather listen to music than make their own, the iPod nano is the perfect choice. It syncs to the Nike+ website so they can challenge their friends to a healthy run. And it comes with ear buds. 

Perhaps they’re more into games? The Nabi tablet is made just for kids. And yes it does have speakers…but it also has an audio jack.

If all else fails, encourage them to get outside with their new Razor scooter. The wheels light up so they don’t even have to come inside when it starts to get dark!

See? I told you I had all of your post holiday silent nights covered. You can find all of these great gifts and more in the Target Kid’s Catalog. 

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