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Fiesta Stuffed Peppers

Fiesta Stuffed Peppers

I’ve never met a carb I didn’t like. True story. I also love, love, love Mexican food. Another true story. I especially love the very carb heavy parts of Mexican food. But since I occasionally try to avoid carbs, figuring out a way to enjoy my favorite Mexican flavors without the tortillas and chips was necessary. Enter my fiesta stuffed peppers.

Green Chiles

I started with a pound of ground beef. Once that was browned I added Old El Paso Taco Sauce and Chopped Green Chilies. I’ve found taco sauce to be the lowest in carbs when it comes to options for seasoning the meat. Neither of these require exact measurements-just do it to taste!Anaheim PeppersI also prepped a bunch of Anaheim Peppers. I was going for Poblano, but Anaheim was what I found. And by prep, I just mean I washed them, split them open and removed the seeds. I also managed to touch my face during this process and it still burns. Pro tip: don’t touch your face when dealing with peppers.
Stuffed PeppersOnce your meat is fully cooked and seasoned, it’s time to stuff  your peppers. One pound of ground beef will stuff about four peppers, depending on their size. Top with your favorite Mexican cheeses. Fiesta Stuffed PeppersBake in the oven at 350 degrees until the cheese is melted and browned. If you want to cook your peppers until they’re extra soft, cover with foil and continue to bake.

Fiesta Stuffed PeppersEasy, right? And it comes in at about 10 carbs per pepper! Even less if you do the whole net carb thing.

You can save big at Publix on your Old El Paso favorites. Avocados from Mexico are the perfect accompaniment to your stuffed peppers. Don’t forget to visit the Old El Paso site for great recipe ideas, too!

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