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“Fill The Easter Basket” Party

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Fill The Easter Basket Party

It’s the bunniest time of the year! Time to celebrate that we live in a world full of Starburst® Jellybeans. Those childhood nightmares of accidentally biting into a black jellybean? They’re a distant memory. It’s a great time to be alive!

Fill The Easter Basket PartyWhat better way to celebrate the season than with a “fill the easter basket” Easter party?
Starburst Jellybeans

I picked up Starburst® Original Jellybeans, Starburst® FaveREDS Jellybeans and Starburst® Sour Jellybeans to use in some Easter treats and to stuff some plastic eggs. That’s the great thing about an Easter party: the entertainment is the egg hunt! And as an alleged adult who has gone far too long without the opportunity hunt for Easter eggs, I propose an all-ages egg hunt. It’s only fair…and it will probably be hilarious!

Bunny JarsI filled my cute bunny jars with different varieties of Starburst® Jellybeans to create a mini candy bar. I purchased these jars, but they’d be an easy DIY: glue a bunny toy to a jar lid and spray paint them both.

Yellow Bunny

When it comes to Easter party decor, I just grabbed the bunnies I already had in the house along with my easter basket and some cute carrot garland. As you might guess…I have a lot of bunnies sitting around the house. But doesn’t everyone? And if you don’t, you really should. It’s impossible to look at a decorative bunny and not smile.
Cupcakes with Foil

You may already know my cupcake/party philosophy: every party needs cupcakes. (It’s a pretty simple philosophy to live by, but I feel strongly about it.) When I spotted waffle bowls at Kroger, I had the idea to turn them into Easter basket cupcakes. I was slightly afraid of burning the edges of the waffle bowls, so I gave them each a foil edge to protect them while baking.

Waffle Cone Cups Cupcakes

That step might have been unnecessary, but I did have a dozen perfect little waffle bowl cupcakes without a burnt edge in sight!

To make the cupcakes, I used a box mix and simply added the batter directly into the waffle bowls. They’re slightly bigger than a normal cupcake, so the baking time was about five minutes longer. You’ll want to start with the recommend cupcake baking time, then periodically check to see if they’re done to avoid over-cooking.

Easter Basket Cupcakes

I used a grass frosting tip on my piping bag to create basket fill on the cupcakes with green tinted frosting. Since we’re going for basket fill rather than grass, you can make your squeezes on the piping bag a little longer than you would for traditional grass-style frosting.
Starburst Jelly BeansI topped each cupcake with a few Starburst® Original Jellybeans. Because every Easter basket should be filled with Easter eggs, right?

Cookie CupsI’ve had a cookie cup pan for ages without ever using it. I decided Easter was the perfect opportunity to test it out. I used sugar cookie dough and formed it over the pan. You could probably create something similar with a mini muffin pan.
Easter Basket CookiesI used the same piping bag from the cupcakes to add some frosting to each cookie cup, then I threw on some Easter sprinkles to create mini cookie Easter baskets.Fill your Easter Basket this year with party ideas including Easter Basket cupcakes, cookies and fun carrot party favors!

Every party needs party favors, and this one may just be the easiest favor ever! I cut green tissue paper in half and added a few handfuls of jellybeans in the center. I gathered up the paper and secured it with twine.

Carrot CupsAdd the tissue paper bundles to an orange paper cup and you have instant carrots! Perfect for your guests to take with them after the party!
Kroger Jelly Beans

You can find all of your favorite Starburst® Jellybeans in the seasonal aisle at Kroger!

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