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Finding Dory Snack Cups

Easy Finding Dory Snack Cups

Have you seen her? I’m celebrating your favorite forgetful fish today with these easy to make Finding Dory snack cups! And I really do mean easy. The hardest part is deciding what snack going inside. Dory Cup Supplies

To make your own Finding Dory snack cups, you’ll need:

Dory Fins and Tail

Grab my fin and tail printable above and print it directly on your yellow cardstock. You can also grab this printable if you’re using the same small cups I purchased. If you’re using cups that are a different size, just scale up or down as needed.

Dory Tails and Fins

In addition to cutting out the fins and tails, cut out a few mouths from black card stock. (It’s a basic shape-no printable needed!)

Dory Snack Cups

Use a glue dot runner or other adhesive to attach the eyes, mouth, fin and tail to your cups. The secret to making everything extra cute is bending the ends a bit to give it a little character.

Finding Dory Snack Cups

Then serve up your favorite movie night snack in your Finding Dory snack cup. I recommend popcorn, but candy would work, too. And hey-it’s a cup…you could even drink out of it!

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