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Five Reasons To See Frozen

Last week I had a chance to see a special sneak peek of Frozen. Wondering if you should see it? I have five reasons why the answer is Yes!

Get A Horse!

Don’t show up late or you’ll miss the Disney short Get A Horse, showing exclusively before Frozen. This blend of hand drawn animation and CG actually features the voice of Walt Disney himself as Mickey!

It’s not your typical Disney story.

If you like your typical Disney romantic storyline, well…it’s not that you’re going to be disappointed. There is some in the story. But that’s not the whole story. And it’s not the point of the story.

Instead of one heroine you get two.

Although Anna gets more time on screen, Elsa is every bit as important and vital to the story. At the center of it all, Frozen is a story of two sisters.

Olaf the Snowman.

I would watch a movie just about Olaf. He’s the star of the show. He’s caring and sweet and funny. (Try not to laugh when he sings “In Summer”.)  He’s Olaf and he likes warm hugs.

It’s showing…now!

Frozen is in theaters now. So get going already.

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