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Five Steps To Better Pinning

Are you one of over 10 million daily users or Pinterest? Here are five basic tips to make sure everyone is getting the most out of their pinboards.

1. Check your backlinks. Most bloggers love to have their content pinned-that means more eyes on their blog. But if the backlink from Pinterest isn’t correct they’ll miss those views. Before repinning take a moment to click on the pin and see where it redirects. If the link is broken or redirects to the wrong page you can try to find the correct source with a photo search engine link TinEye. There’s no guarantee you’ll find the right page, but then again-you might!

2. Don’t pin spam. Just like every other social media outlet, spammers have claimed Pinterest as one of their homes. Spamming is taking two forms, both of which you can report. Sometimes you’ll find spam comments on pins. When you see a comment telling you how they lost weight and you can, too-report it! To the right of each comment there is a small square where you can click to report it. The pins themselves can also be spam. That inspirational quote you just repinned could link back to a spam website. (Or worse!) The report button is to the right of the pin. (Yet another reason to check the backlinks as you repin!)

3. Use helpful descriptions when you pin or repin. If you find a great party idea for your 2 year old’s birthday let everyone know more in a description. “Perfect for Ann’s party!” won’t help anyone find what you just pinned. “Pink and purple butterfly birthday tablescape. Perfect for Ann’s party!” will.

4. Descriptions should be a teaser, not a tutorial. Going back to tip one: bloggers want eyes on their blog. If you find a great tutorial, by all means pin it. But don’t list the entire tutorial in your description! “DIY party lanterns using school glue” is descriptive enough without listing every step.

5. Help people buy! If you’re pinning an item that is for sale, pin directly from the sales page for that item. (Rather than pinning from a store search page with lots of hits.) Including the price in your pin with a $ sign automatically adds the price banner to the top of a pin, indicating that item is available for purchase.

Do you have any tips about using Pinterest? Share in the comments below!

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