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Turns Out There Are A Lot Of Emotions In Dog Days

The ensemble comedy Dog Days is in theaters on August 8, 2018. I usually share five things to know about a movie before you head to the theater, but since Dog Days has five individual stories I decided to share something about each one!

Walter and Tyler

Ron Cephas Jones plays Walter, a widower who doesn’t get out much until his pug runs away. Finn Wolfhard is Tyler, the teenage pizza delivery boy who helps him hunt for his dog. Walter’s storyline is sure to bring on a few sniffles if not full-blown tears.

Jacob Yakob / LD Entertainment

Grace, Kurt and Amelia

Eva Longoria is Grace and Rob Courddry is Kurt, a couple who have adopted a shy new daughter named Amelia, played by Elizabeth Caro. Another storyline that’s sure to bring on some sniffles, this one also got full on sobbing from me in the third act. Don’t worry…it was happy sobbing.

Jacob Yakob / LD Entertainment

Elizabeth and Jimmy

Nina Dobrev plays Elizabeth, a morning show host who crosses paths with Tone Bell’s Jimmy when he’s hired on has her co-host. Luckily their dogs unexpected friendship helps to bring the two of them together. Speaking of sobbing, Tone Bell is in the movie’s most heart-breaking scene, one that brought on a full on ugly cry from me. Then I was laughing. Then I was ugly crying while laughing. Talk about an emotional rollercoaster!

Jacob Yakob / LD Entertainment

Garrett and Tara

Jon Bass is Garrett, a dog rescue owner and Vanessa Hudgens is Tara, a barista who volunteers at the rescue. With the rescue at risk for shutting down, Tara finds inspiration and a possible new career when she helps to plan a fundraiser.

LD Entertainment

Dax and Charlie

Adam Pally’s Dax is charged with the care of Charlie when his sister gives birth to twins. Charlie and Dax’s storyline provides many of the laugh out loud moments in the film. Actually, I’ve talked so much about the moment that made me cry I’m afraid I’ve made the movie sound like one big sob fest. It’s not. I laughed out loud so much more than I cried when I watched Dog Days.

Dog Days is in theaters on August 8, 2018

Bring your tissues and prepare to laugh when you head to the theater. Dog Days is rated PG for PG for rude and suggestive content, and for language.

From acclaimed production company LD Entertainment (The Zookeeper’s Wife, Jackie, and Megan Leavey) and Director Ken Marino comes Dog Days. Dog Days is a hilarious and heartfelt ensemble comedy that follows the lives of multiple dog owners and their beloved fluffy pals around sunny Los Angeles. When these human and canine’s paths start to intertwine, their lives begin changing in ways they never expected.

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