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Five Things You Can Do When The World Feels Scary

Donate Money.
It’s the easiest thing you can do. Think about how much you have to spare. Skip a few lattes. Bring your lunch to work for a week. Whatever you need to do to create a little extra cash. Then donate it to a worthwhile cause. It doesn’t have to be related to whatever bad thing just happened. It can be donated wherever your heart tells you to give. But find a way to give. A little. A lot. It doesn’t matter how much. It just matters that you give.

Give blood. 
You have it. Others need it. Blood banks are always in need of blood donations. Contact your local Red Cross to find out where you can donate. It’s easy. It’s almost painless. It will make you feel better. Can’t donate blood yourself for some reason? Encourage your friends, family and coworkers to donate. Heck, you can even organize a blood drive. Really, it’s not that hard! An hour of your time and you can save a life!

At the hospital. In the library. Somewhere there’s a place that needs your time, your talent, your muscle. Think about your passions. What drives you. Find an organization that does work around that area and give them a call. An hour. An afternoon. Whatever you have to give. Volunteer hours are priceless to an organization needing help.

Be kind.
Pay for the lunch of the guy in line behind you. Spend a few extra minutes gathering up those shopping carts left in the parking lot. Help carry someone’s groceries to their car. Whatever act, big or small, think of a way you can do a kindness to someone else. Random acts are a great way to remind others that there is good  in the world out there.

See the good.
The world is full of cool people doing awesome things. There’s only a tiny fraction of a percent of the population who are evil. Focus on the good. The world is full of them! There are a lot more nice people than bad people in the world. Remember those good people and focus on them. Don’t let the bad things done by a tiny fraction of a percent overwhelm what’s good.

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