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Five Travel Essentials To Take On Your Next Trip

This post about travel essentials includes affiliate links. In some cases, samples of the items were provided for review. 

I’m always my happiest when I’m planning for my next trip. It’s probably why I take out the suitcase at least a week before I’m headed to the airport. You “pack the night before” types? I can’t relate. Whether you’re a plan aheader like me or a last minute panic packer, here are five travel essentials you’ll want to take with you on your next trip. 

The Mini Adventurist from Glister gives you a professional grade flat iron in a compact size perfect for your carry-on. It also comes with a super cute designer travel pouch, making it perfect for styling on the go. 

No one wants to face a headache when they travel. Aculief is a wearable acupressure tool that could help. Just place it on your hand on the LI4 acupressure point. Skeptical? No worries-they offer a 100% money back guarantee! 

I love the MQ Motion Sickness Patches so much that I wrote an entire post about them. If you’re even slightly prone to motion sickness you have got to give these patches a try!

If you’re team carry-on, you know that it’s important to utilize your under seat space. This under seat bag is designed specifically for that purpose, giving you tons of extra storage and handy wheels to make navigating the airport a breeze. 

I have friends who swear by these drawstring bags for their toiletries and makeup. They can even hold full-sized products! Grab these and get ready to be wowed by just how much they can hold! 

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