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Five {MORE} Ways To Make Me Hate Your Blog

Another Five Ways To Make Me Hate Your BlogBack in August I wrote about five ways you could ensure that I would hate your blog. And I’m back. With more. Because, above all else, I’m a teacher… (And no, I don’t really hate your blog if you do these things. I just could really, really like it a lot more…)

Roll Over Ads

You know what everyone really likes to have happen when they’re reading a story on your blog? They like to see a giant ad pop up over most of the screen because their cursor happened to scroll over an expanding ad.

What, you doubt me? You’re saying I’m wrong? Well then,  you’d be right. Everyone hates that. Everyone… I’m pretty sure even the people who have those ads hate them. Are they paying your mortgage for you? No? In that case take them down. They’re just not worth it.

Pop Up Ads…Even if they’re yours…

So I know you’re thinking, “But Amy, you said pop up ads last time.” And yet again, you’d be right. (I always knew the people who read my blog were smart!) The thing is, everyone seems to get that pop up ads are a bad thing. But then sometimes they think it’s ok if it’s THEIR pop up. “Like me on Facebook!” “Subscribe to my feed!” No, thanks…I’ll pass.

If you’re trying to increase your likes or your subscribers or your whatever, that’s totally cool. Just don’t do it with a pop up. There are widgets that will place a recommendation at the top or bottom of each post. Or they’ll show up in the corner where it’s out of the way. (Yeah, I totally have that recommended pinner thing if you hop over from Pinterest.) But keep it out of the middle of your screen, m’kay?

Annoying Pin-It Buttons

I’m so passionate about annoying pin-it buttons that I wrote an entire blog post about them. They’re an epidemic. And they must be stopped. Do your pin-it buttons blur? Do they cover the picture with a giant graphic?

They do? Then just say no! There are much less obnoxious ways to get me to pin your stuff. Just a) make it pinnable and b) really…that’s it. I have the pin marklet. I can take it from there. But if you do want a pin-it button (and pin-it buttons are a good thing) make it one that’s not obnoxious. They do exist.

Bad Photos

So I’m not saying my photos are all that. They’re so not. But what I am saying is that you can and should try to take clear and compelling photos for your blog posts. You don’t have to buy an SLR. (Even though you totally should.) But what you can do is spend at least a smidgen of time composing your shots, staging them appropriately and editing them once you’re done.

And seriously, lighting is 50%  of the cause of every bad photo. Invest in some photography lighting. Umbrella lighting is an inexpensive way to improve your shots. Or you could always build your own light box.

Not Knowing Your from You’re

Your and you’re. To, too and two. Here and hear. There and their. You get the picture. They’re each a very different word. So, you know…make sure you’re using the right one. Proofreading is your friend.

(Of course if you’re me you have two friends who will tell you every. single. time you goof and you can just wait for the call,text,email or instant message letting you know where you messed up.) But, you know, if you don’t have one of those friends you should definitely proofread.

So let me know in the comments…what did I miss?

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