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Flora & Ulysses Has A DuckTales Connection

It turns out Flora & Ulysses was a real-life DuckTales reunion when they began production in Vancouver back in 2019. Ben Schwartz plays George Buckman, Flora’s father, in the upcoming Disney+ film. He’s also spent the last few years as the voice of Dewey Duck on Disney Channel’s DuckTales.

“Ben and I have a history of fighting for the last three years as brothers in an animated show, so that was very helpful,” jokes Danny Pudi, who plays Animal Control Officer Miller in Flora & Ulysses and provides the voice of Huey Duck in DuckTales. “It was very easy to shoot him with a tranquilizer gun.” (Now is probably a good time to mention that Miller is a bit of a villain in Flora & Ulysses.)

Danny Pudi as Miller and Kate Micucci as Rita in FLORA AND ULYSSES, exclusively on Disney+.

Danny and Ben aren’t the only ducks hanging out in Flora & Ulysses. Bobby Moynihan (Louie Duck) is the comic book guy and Kate Micucci (Webby Vanderquack) plays Rita the waitress. That begs the question, “Was it all intentional?” According to director Lena Khan, the answer is yes. “After we got the first couple, then yeah. Then we’re like, ‘Yeah, let’s just go with it. Let’s bring ’em all in.'”

They also celebrated the DuckTales connection by throwing in a few Easter eggs for the fans. “Bobby’s reading the DuckTales comic at the beginning,” says Lena. “You’ll see some ducks with the different colors of their collars matching the characters in Danny’s office.”

Keep an eye out for those Easter eggs and more when you catch Flora & Ulysses streaming on Disney+ beginning February 19, 2021.

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About Flora & Ulysses

Witness the tail of an unexpected hero. Watch Disney’s #FloraAndUlysses​, streaming February 19, only on #DisneyPlus​. 🐿 ⚡ 💥

The film is based on the Newbery Award-winning book about 10-year-old Flora, an avid comic book fan and a self-avowed cynic, whose parents have recently separated. After rescuing a squirrel she names Ulysses, Flora is amazed to discover he possesses unique superhero powers, which take them on an adventure of humorous complications that ultimately change Flora’s life–and her outlook–forever.

“Flora & Ulysses” stars Matilda Lawler, Alyson Hannigan, Ben Schwartz, Anna Deavere Smith, Danny Pudi, Benjamin Evans Ainsworth, Janeane Garofolo and Kate McCucci. It was directed by Lena Khan and produced by Gil Netter. Based on the novel “Flora & Ulysses: The Illuminated Adventures” by Kate DiCamillo, the film’s screenplay is by Brad Copeland. Katterli Frauenfelder and James Powers served as executive producers.

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