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Four Roll Washi Tape Bunny

Washi Tape Bunny

Last year I made a washi tape bunny for Easter. I received a lot of lovely comments on the project, but I also received the feedback that it took a lot of washi tape. As in more washi tape than the average person would have on hand. I’m back this year with a no-excuses version.

Washi Tape

I’ll admit that I do have a most impressive washi collection. It’s been years in the making. For this project, I’m using four rolls of washi tape. Totally doable, right? Even by the most novice of washi-ers.

As a bonus, none of this washi is new. Most were rolls I picked up when I was working on my bill station. I did buy the papier-mâché bunny form at Target in the “Bullseye’s Playground” area, but that was the only new purchase.

Bending Washi Tape

Just like in my first washi tape bunny project, it’s just a matter of ripping off pieces of washi tape and covering the bunny form. I found that with the shape of this particular bunny, it helped to split the tape as I was working around the corners.

Washi on Bunny

I covered, covered some more, then covered again until I was satisfied with how the bunny looked.

Washi Tape After

And even after completely covering the bunny, I had plenty of washi tape left over.

Washi Tape Bunny 4 Roll

I gave the entire bunny a few coats of gloss Mod Podge to protect it and give a little shine.

Washi Tape Bunny

And even though it might be an Easter decoration to most, my washi tape bunny is going to sit around all year long!

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