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FROZEN Printable Valentines

CB DisclosureFROZEN Toy Valentines #FROZENFun #shop #cbiasAs soon as I saw the movie I was obsessed. And clearly the only way to address my obsession was with a massive toy shopping trip at Walmart. And the extra bonus? At Walmart stores with Subways inside you could snag a special FROZEN lunch bag with your Fresh Fit for Kids Meal. And only at Subways inside Walmart stores could you score the exclusive Olaf keychain with your purchase. AhhhOlaf. He’s totally my favorite. (Rumor has it he likes warm hugs…)

I’m also using my new FROZEN toys to get a jump start on my Valentine’s Day prep. (It’s just around the corner you know…) Just save and print these pictures and consider your Valentine’s Day cards done!
Elsa Frozen ValentineSpeaking of obsessed, Let It Go has been on constant repeat since I left the theater. I love that song. (Both versions.) Obviously it needed to be the theme of my special Elsa toy Valentine’s Day card.

Olaf Worth Melting For Valentine FROZEN #FrozenFun, #shop, #cbiasAnd we’ve already discussed how Olaf is my favorite, right? I’m totally bummed that I wasn’t able to find one of the talking plush Olaf toys at my Walmart, but I totally scored a few cute Olaf mini figs. And I totally had to share one of my favorite Olaf quotes in this Valentine.

Elsa Anna Frozen ValentineAnother song from the movie. Sensing a theme yet? The music in FROZEN was amazing, don’t you think?

Sven FROZEN Valentine Reindeer #FrozenFun, #shop, #cbiasAnd I really do think reindeer are better than people. Most of the time.

Hans Anna Frozen ValentineSo maybe this isn’t so romantic is you’ve seen the moviebutHans is still a total hottie. So, you knowyou can look past the whole liar, liar, pants on fire thing, right? NoOKwellummit was a nice song, right?

Kristoff Sven and Anna Toys #FrozenFun #shop #cbias

And here is where I ran out of movie references for my printables. Solet’s call this one a DIY Valentine’s Day card. Come onwhat clever captions have you got? PicMonkey awaits your editing ninjary! (Is ninjary a word? If not, I’m making it one.)
FROZEN Toys at Walmart #FrozenFun, #shop, #cbiasIf you’re ready to have some FROZEN fun of your own, just run to Walmart. I say run because the toys are going fast. Seriously fast. Those two talking dolls? The last in my store. So, you knowget shopping! (And if you happen to find a talking Olaf plush I’m not gonna get mad at you if you pick it up and send it my way.)

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#FrozenFun #shop #cbias
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