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Getting A {License To Spill} at the Hilton Head Island Seafood Fest

Sometimes being a blogger is hard work. This was not one of those times…

Even though I live north of the border, when I heard about the Hilton Head Island Seafood Fest I had to make the trip. It was also a chance to check out the License to Spill National Tour featuring Mohawk’s SmartStrand Carpet.
What is SmartStrand, you ask? Allow Mohawk to demonstrate by spilling a little red wine on a square. (Yes, I know, spilling wine makes me sad, too. But it’s for science.)
So imagine it’s Saturday night. You’re home alone and your cat just knocked over your glass of wine. (No, this is not a story about me…it’s totally hypothetical.) So anyway, back to the wine that has now soaked into your carpet. What’s a girl to do? If it’s Mohawk’s SmartStrand you just clean it with a dish towel and a little warm water and mild soap. Easy peasy! While other stain resistant carpets have treatments that are on top of the fibers (which means they will wear and wash off over time) SmartStrand technology is built into the carpet fibers. Pretty genius, right?
So, back to the festival… Little stainslingers had a chance to make their own messes. (Don’t worry, it was no challenge for SmartStrand…)
I also had the chance to meet Lesley Nagy from the nationally syndicated Better Show! Here she is filming with my new bloggy buddy Stephanie and her family.
And this picture totally cracks me up. They’re fighting over a microphone. I think. I’m not really sure but it was funny.
And check out Lesley’s amazing shoes. I would have lasted about five minutes in those heels!
Rumor had it that Hudson’s Seafood was a must taste.

So I did. And now I know why Hudson’s has been an island tradition since 1967.

Of course there was more to the Hilton Head Island Seafood Festival…like the annual crab races. (It was not easy to talk myself out of buying a hermit crab to take home!)

And it was even harder to talk myself out of playing in the bounce house. (I assumed by Kidz Zone they meant actual kids and decided to behave myself. Just this once.)

So I know you’re totally bummed that you missed the Seafood Festival, but all is not lost. You can follow along with the License to Spill Tour. There are upcoming stops in Atlanta, Philidelphia and Westchester. You can even enter to win your own 6′ x9′ SmartStrand rug! (And you can find a special offer for $200 or $400 off new carpet.)

Now anyone who knows me knows I wasn’t going to come home with a sample of SmartStrand carpet and not test it out for myself. I looked in the fridge and pulled out what appeared to be the most stain inducing product I could find: teriyaki sauce. And not only did I pour it on. I let it settle in. (I might have even rubbed it down into the carpet pretty well.)

A little warm water, a little soap, some blotting with a towel and it’s good as new! (This is the after. Pinky swear!) Of course now I wish I hadn’t done this experiment on my own carpet. SmartStrand is so soft! It’s reminding me how not soft my carpet is. I think I see SmartStrand shopping in my future…

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