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Guardians of the Galaxy-Inspired Light Up Galaxy Skirt

Thank you to Disney and Marvel Studios for hosting me during the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Event. This post contains affiliate links.

I’m not one to shy away from a DIY project, so when I got my invite to the world premiere of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, I wanted to go all out. Can you think of a better reason to wear a light up skirt that twinkles like stars?

I started with an inexpensive black tulle skirt. I cut a small hole just under the waistband and threaded a 33 foot strand of battery operated LED rice lights through the hole so that the lights were on the outside of the lining and the battery pack was on the inside.

I used small black safety pins to secure the lights to the lining, working in a swirling pattern. The copper wire in the lights kept everything in place once the strand was twisted around the safety pin. I used about 50 safety pins in total.

I secured the battery pack inside the lining of the skirt by hand stitching a “pocket” made of thick black elastic. The lights I purchased included a remote control, which made it easy to turn the lights on and off, or make them twinkle, blink or fade.

I carried extra batteries with me on the “purple” carpet, but luckily there were no technical difficulties.

The movie premiere was so much fun. Celebrity spotting, selfie-taking and of course actually getting to see the movie.

©Marvel Studios 2017

I had a seat front and center at the Dolby Theatre while the entire cast took the stage. Call me crazy, but I feel like a few people in that picture just spotted my skirt. And yes, I totally turned the lights off when the movie was about to start.

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