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Send A Smile To Those Christmas Babies With Hallmark

CB DisclosureChristmas Birthday Card #shopEveryone knows at least a few people with a Christmasy birthday. It’s bound to happen-I mean, there are only so many days in a year in which to be born, right? And all of those holiday babies? They tend to have one of two attitudes. They can be all, “This is MY day. We will NOT talk of Christmas until my birthday celebration is over!” Or they can be, “Oh, it’s OK. It’s actually kind of nice to have all of my family around me on my birthday.”

You can tell me, you know at least one of each type, right? I know I do.  My dad’s birthday is exactly one week before Christmas. He’s always been an, “oh, fine, whatever” sort when it comes to his birthday. He’s happy when we get together to celebrate but he doesn’t actually expect anyone to make a big deal of things. And then I have this friend whose birthday is actually on Christmas Eve. She’s the other type. (And really, I suppose having a birthday on Christmas Eve could make you a little sensitive.) She has clear rules about how her birthday is (and is not) to be celebrated. And trust me…I learned the hard way once with a Merry Christmas text on Christmas Eve. (She’s really a sweetheart, and I always think her birthday/Christmas/never the twain shall meet jokes are just that. But, you know…that sort of joke that has a hint of truth to it…)

Hallmark Birthday Cards #shopAs someone blessed enough to be born in August I feel as though it’s my duty to pay it forward to those poor little Christmas babies. (Seriously, how awesome is a birthday in August? There’s absolutely no other holiday or gift giving occasion conflicts! Oh, wait…this isn’t about me…) Anyway, the least I can do is make sure their birthday gets all of the non-Christmasy recognition it deserves. Any why wouldn’t you when you can do it without making a special trip to the card store. How, you say? Because now you can find Hallmark cards in select Walmart stores. And we’re not talking some tiny little hard to find section with just a few cards. We’re talking aisles and aisles of cards. Including the perfect one for the birthday girl or boy on your list.

Dad's Birthday Card #shopI like my cards with a healthy dose of snark, so this was perfect for my dad. (I know, you need to see inside to get the punch line-but you can probably guess it. And if you can’t just head to Walmart and read it for yourself!) But just because I like my cards full of snark, it doesn’t mean I can’t be serious, too. Like when I picked out this card for my friend…

Friend's Birthday Card #shopOK. I lied. I don’t know how to do cards that aren’t funny. And a card that wasn’t funny just wouldn’t be me. Or my friend. This card? It’s totally her. And the only thing Christmasy about it is the red in the picture. (I think she’ll forgive me for that.)

So who do you know that has a birthday next month? I have a few tips to make sure you don’t’ annoy them!

5 Ways To Annoy Someone With A Christmas Birthday #shopSeriously. Never write “Happy Birthday” in a Christmas Card. Everyone deserves a Hallmark birthday card on their birthday. (You can, however, totally write “Merry Christmas” in their birthday card…nah…just kidding!)

You can find which Walmart stores carry Hallmark cards on the Connections from Hallmark website.

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