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Halloween Jack-O’-Lantern Party

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Pumpkin PartyIf you haven’t gotten the memo yet, I love Halloween. Love, love, LOVE. And what is more quintessentially Halloween than the Jack-O’-Lantern? That’s right: nothing. That’s why it makes for the perfect Halloween party theme. And bonus: I created everything without gutting a single pumpkin!
Pumpkin PartyOh, and it’s pretty easy to pull off, too. So consider that a bonus-bonus. String LightsFor decor you basically buy all of the Jack-O’-Lantern things. Or things that look close enough to a Jack-O’-Lantern that you can easily turn them into one.
Pumpkin Candy OreosOne of my holiday favorites are chocolate covered OREOS. This time, I made them in a mold. You can totally dip them by hand, but the mold made them so easy and so neat. Just melt orange candy melts at half power in the microwave. Spoon a little into the mold, press in an OREO, and top with more candy. Scrape off any excess with the back side of a butter knife, then pop in the freezer. I used extra melted chocolate to adhere the little candy pumpkins to the top. Easy peasy!

Oreo Balls

Now for the party fail portion of this post. I’ve made OREO balls before. They’re not hard. I guess that’s why I thought I’d get fancy. I made the mixture of OREOS and cream cheese and then tried to use my pumpkin mold. Everything was going great until it was time to dip. It was not pretty. So I went to plan B, which was to pretend it never happened and throw on sprinkles.

In case you were wondering-sprinkles are always plan B. If I had a do-over, I’d just make them round, dip them in the orange candy melts and try to fashion a pumpkin stem out of something. But, you know…the mess I made was still highly edible. And…sprinkles!

The easiest Halloween party theme ever? That award goes to the Jack-O'Lantern party!Every party should have a dip. And since it’s a Halloween party, it should probably be a sweet one. I made a fun cookie dipping glaze with Fanta Orange and powdered sugar. It’s about a cup and a half of sugar mixed with 4 tablespoons of Fanta, but play around with the amounts until you get the consistency you want. It’s officially the world’s easiest orange glaze.

The easiest Halloween party theme ever? That award goes to the Jack-O'Lantern party!
I had a few ideas for Jack-O’-Lantern cupcakes running around in my head. I immediately stopped all cupcake trains of thought when I spotted these cupcakes in the store. When you’re planning a Jack-O’-Lantern party and the universe puts Jack-O’-Lantern ring-topped cupcakes in front of you? You don’t question it. You put them in your shopping cart.

Jack O Lantern DrinksFanta Orange took care of making my Jack-O’-Lantern drinks. Just pour into your Jack-O’-Lantern glasses and you’re done!

What? You have no Jack-O’-Lantern glasses? Never fear. They’re easy to make. Just grab some black craft vinyl or contact paper and cut out some faces. If you have a Silhouette you can even grab my cut file to make things super easy!

jack o lantern Jar lightThose same faces can turn an ordinary orange jar into a super cute Jack-O’-LANTERN. Get it? LANTERN? Because I put a fake candle in it? Anyone? Is this thing on?

Jack O Lantern OreosI even threw some vinyl on a glass pumpkin to turn it into a Jack-O’-Lantern. And I stuffed it full of glow-in-the-dark OREO packs because they make the perfect grab-one-before-you-head-out-the-door snack.

Oreos in PumpkinThe very cool glowing packages will also make them a hit with your trick-or-treaters.
Pumpkin LabAs for party activities? Set up a no-mess pumpkin lab! Provide mini pumpkins and lots of fun stickers and embellishments. It makes a great take-home gift and you don’t have to clean up pumpkin guts later. Because no one loves pumpkin guts.

Party Ware

When it comes to partyware, you know I like to keep it simple. Paper all the things. Look for orange or black and you still match the theme!

Full Table

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