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{Halloween} Treats On The Cheap

Halloween, Treats, Bags, Trick or Treat

I love to give my trick-or-treaters goodie bags every year. With as many as 80 little goblins that could easily break the bank. Luckily I have a secret. I buy for Halloween a year ahead! While year old candy could get pretty icky, there are plenty of treats that will store well until next October 31st.

Halloween, Treat, Bag, Goodies, Discount

Things to buy after Halloween on clearance:

Spider rings
Paper treat sacks
Small toys
Anything else on the clearance aisle!

Wait until things are at least 75% off. (Trust me…there will still be options after you wait out the 50% sales.) Check out places like your local drug stores in addition to Target and Walmart. You can also find great deals at craft stores like Michaels and A.C.Moore.
Treat bags are sure to be a hit with everyone who rings your door bell-and you’re sure to be the most popular house on your street.
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