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Hand-Painted Sally Pumpkin

Hand-Painted Sally Pumpkin

I’m always a little scared to show off anything I’ve hand-painted. Mostly because it comes with a lot of “I could never do that” from my friends. I am not an artist, so I promise that anything I can do, you can do. Including my The Nightmare Before Christmas-inspired Sally pumpkin!

Jack and SallyBesides…if you tried your hand at my Jack pumpkin, you have to try this one. They’re simply meant to be!

SuppliesTo make your Sally-inspired pumpkin you’ll need:

  • a black craft pumpkin
  • yellow, blue and fuchsia craft paint
  • brushes
  • painters tape
  • fine and medium point black paint pens

Taped PumpkinJust tape patches on your pumpkin and paint!

005You might get away with two coats of paint-that was the case with the blue and yellow paints. For some reason the fuchsia paint required one millllllion coats for decent coverage.

Don’t forget to leave a few patches of black!

Paint Close UpDo a Google search for “Sally Dress” and copy some of the patterns onto your patches with paint pens. (At least that’s how I did it.) You cannot mess this up! Her dress is a patchwork of squiggles and lines and dots. Totally easy to recreate.

And hey…if you do mess up, you can always paint over that spot and start again! (You won’t mess up, though!)
Sally Pumpkin

Want to save this hand-painted Sally pumpkin for later? Click on the photo below to add to Pinterest. 

You can hand-paint your own "The Nightmare Before Christmas"-inspired Sally Pumpkin! I promise! Get the details on how to make your own no-carve Sally pumpkin, along with tons of Disney Halloween craft inspiration at As The Bunny Hops.


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