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Super Cute, Super Easy Hidden Mickey Earrings

The supplies included to make these Hidden Mickey earrings include affiliate links.

DIY Hidden Mickey earrings made from resin.

I tend to make really small batches of resin, but I still have some left over almost every time. I found a Hidden Mickey earrings mold on Amazon, and realized it was the perfect way to use my extra resin!

Hidden Mickey Resin Earrings

Hidden Mickey Resin Earrings



  1. Mix resin according to package directions.
  2. Add a few drops of alcohol ink in your choice of color and mix well.
  3. Pour colored resin into the mold and allow it to cure.
  4. Carefully remove cured earrings from mold.
  5. Add fishhook earrings to resin pieces with jump rings. Use two jump rings to ensure earrings face forward while being worn.
DIY Hidden Mickey earrings made from resin.

I love how these earrings are made of resin but look like they’re laser cut acrylic!

New to resin? Never fear! I have you covered with this post full of supplies and tips to get you started!

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Use your leftover resin to make this super cute, super fun DIY Hidden Mickey earrings! Get the details on this Disney craft at As The Bunny Hops!
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