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Homemade Holiday Thin Mints

DIY Holiday Thin Mints

It’s ridiculously hot here, so of course I’m thinking cool thoughts and wishing it was already Christmas. (Christmas in July is about more than just good shopping deals, you know!) Today I’m cooling things off with a twist on those Thin Mints you love with a homemade holiday version. Thing Mint Supplies

This is one of the easiest treats you can make. You’ll need creme de menthe chips and crackers. Sprinkles are optional, but they are what make it holiday-themed. So…add sprinkles.

Homemade Holiday Thin Mints

Melt your chips in a double boiler or at half power in the microwave. Then dip in your crackers, lay on a candy mat or piece of parchment paper and add red and green sprinkles.

Holiday Thin Mints

To get a perfect Thin Mint match you’d need to use thin chocolate cookies, but I personally love the extra something you get from the salty crackers.

Homemade Holiday Thin Mints

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