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Host A Giant Outdoor Movie Night With Kung Fu Panda 3

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When I was invited to host a giant Kung Fu Panda 3 movie night, I knew I’d had to call in some help. Specifically, I called in my sister and asked if she would be interested in hosting a movie night at the farm. They’ve had plenty of daytime festivals and special events, but a movie night was a new adventure. Luckily she was game to give it a shot!

We posted a save the date and started planning. And the first thing you need for a movie night is a way to play the movie and a place to project it. The projector was already covered, but a screen was needed. I’ve made my own backyard movie screen before, but this crowd was going to need something a little bigger. Outdoor Movie Screen

Enter the bus screen!


They already had a popcorn machine and plenty of drinks at the farm, so I hit a warehouse store to stock up on candy. And to satisfy the chocolate cravings I picked up some cookies. I figured chocolate candy and hot outdoor summer nights might not pair well together.

One important tip for planning your movie night: make sure you have a test run before the big day! In our case we found out the speakers we planned to use wouldn’t work and we needed the city to turn off a street light to clearly see the screen-things you wouldn’t want to find out on your big night!

After a few nerves hoping the weather would cooperate and that people would actually show up, it turned out that our Kung Fu Panda 3 Movie Night was a huge success! And there are already plenty of people asking when we’ll do it again!


KFP3 Infographic

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