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How To Avoid Motion Sickness At Theme Parks

This isn’t a sponsored post, but I did include affiliate links in case you wanted to try the motion sickness patches for yourself!

Do you suffer from motion sickness at theme parks like I sometimes do? I might have the perfect solution for you!

Let me start by saying this isn’t a sponsored post. I wasn’t given any free products. I’m just a girl who gets motion sickness at theme parks and I wanted to share my experience. (Spoiler alert: these motion sickness patches are amazzzzing.) 

Let me start by telling you about my history with motion sickness. I don’t have crazy motion sickness. I don’t get sick in a car unless I’m trying to read. I can ride most roller coasters without a problem. What gets me are spinning rides and motion simulators. More than once I’ve gotten off a ride and had to sit down with a cold drink before I can even think about riding anything else. 

As someone who loves theme parks and adores all kinds of rides, motion sickness is the worst. I’ve taken pills for it in the past, but those tend to make me sleepy. That’s definitely not a side effect I want when I’m trying to ride all the rides and do all the things. 

Do you suffer from motion sickness at theme parks like I sometimes do? I might have the perfect solution for you!

I saw a friend sharing a motion sickness band on Instagram and wanted to check it out. When I looked on Amazon it was pretty pricey and had mediocre reviews. Bless Amazon and their suggested products, though. I saw the MQ Motion Sickness Patches and clicked over. The reviews were really good and a box of 20 patches was (at that time) less than $10. With a trip to Florida that included Disney and Universal parks, clicking “buy now” was a no-brainer. 

How Do You Use Motion Sickness Patches?

The box of 20 contained 10 individual packs, with each easy to open pack containing two patches. When you open up the pack there’s a strong herbal smell. You can place the patch behind your ear or near your navel. If you are sensitive to smells, I’d recommend placing it near your navel. You only need one patch, although if you have severe motion sickness you can wear two at a time. The patches are 100% herbal, but they are not recommended for children under 4 or for women who are pregnant or nursing. One patch will last between 1-3 days. My first patch came off in the shower on the morning of the third day, so I’m considering one patch every other day as my standard dosing. 

Do Motion Sickness Patches Work?

I recently did four days of back to back theme parks, packed full of all kinds of rides. I knew the first day at Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure would be the ultimate test. Specifically Harry Potter and the Forbidden Forest. I have such a love/hate relationship with that ride. It’s amazing, but it usually makes me sick. Riding it more than once is something I would never even consider. But on this trip? I could have ridden it back to back without a problem. I was shocked. Not only that, I was able to actually fully enjoy the ride instead of closing my eyes halfway through because I was starting to feel sick. 

After having such great luck with the patches myself, I was suddenly a patch evangelist. I was offering patches to anyone and everyone. My friend Keri Lyn took me up on my offer, and she loved them just as much as I did. Of course my experience might not be your experience, but since they’re only $10 I think it’s a worthwhile experiment. 

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Do you suffer from motion sickness at theme parks like I sometimes do? I might have the perfect solution for you! Find out what worked for me at As The Bunny Hops!

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