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I Have A Captain Marvel Secret…And GIFs!

Thank you to Marvel Studios for hosting me during #InfinityWarEvent, which included a visit to the set of Captain Marvel.

There's a new Captain Marvel poster, trailer and GIFs...and I share a marvel-ous secret! Bloggers on the set of Captain Marvel in April 2018.

If you were watching the #InfinityWarEvent really closely back in April, you probably thought it looked a little…strange…. What exactly were we doing, after all, that morning before the premiere?

Now the cat’s out of the bag: we visited the set of Captain Marvel! I can’t share anything else right now, but I’ll have lots to talk about soon. For now, check out the new poster, trailer and a whole new batch of Captain Marvel GIFs!

Captain Marvel Poster

Captain Marvel Trailer

Captain Marvel GIFs

Captain Marvel bus fight GIF

Captain Marvel Kree Costume GIF

Captain Marvel Rising Costume GIF

Captain Marvel Flying GIF

Nicky Fury Goose Cat GIF

Captain Marvel is in theaters on March 8, 2019!

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