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Ice Cream Cupcakes

I have received information and materials from McNeil Nutritionals, LLC the makers of LACTAID®. The opinions stated are my own. This is a sponsored post.

Ice Cream CupcakesI love ice cream more than any one person should. Even though it’s true love, you might notice a sad lack of ice cream related posts on my blog. Why? Because I’m lactose intolerant. I discovered that when I was a little kid. I started to find certain dairy foods would make me sick. Ice cream was definitely on that list. A small amount of ice cream and I would probably be fine. A giant bowl and I would feel miserable. And, sorry to say, controlling my ice cream intake to a small amount was definitely not something I found easy. That basically meant skipping ice cream most of the time. At least until now.

Lactaid Ice Cream

LACTAID® Ice Cream is 100% real dairy. No discomfort. They’ve taken the lactose out of my favorite treat! They’ve also added two new flavors: Salted Caramel Chip Ice Cream and Berry Chocolate Crumble Ice Cream. Those join the Butter Pecan, Cookies & Cream, Chocolate and Vanilla flavors already available. You can also find them in grocery stores for only $4.49 a quart.
Cookie CrustsTo celebrate ice cream getting back on the menu, I made some fun Ice Cream Cupcakes.  Start back grinding 6 regular size or 18 mini chocolate sandwich cookies in your mini prep, food processor or blender along with 1 tablespoon of butter.

Press a spoonful of the cookie and butter mixture into a silicone muffin cup. Make sure the cookie crumbs are well packed to form a solid crust.
Ice Cream Filled Cupcake LinersRemove your LACTAID® ice cream from the freezer and allow it to soften just enough to smooth into the muffin cups. You want the cup not quite full of ice cream. Place the cups back in the freezer for several hours and allow the ice cream to fully harden.

Ice Cream Cupcakes

Top the cupcakes with a layer of chocolate shell topping and place back in the freezer for about a minute. Once the chocolate has hardened, just remove them from the muffin cup and serve!

For more information about how you can fight #DairyEnvy, visit the LACTAID® website for more great recipes. Stay in touch on Twitter and Facebook.

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