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It’s A Bird…It’s…Another Bird!

Last weekend while everyone else was at the beach I stayed a little closer to home. (OK, I literally stayed home…it was the first weekend in May I wasn’t out of town.) It’s not that I stayed in my house the whole time. I went shopping. (How can you not shop on Memorial Day weekend?)

I also attended the caged bird fair where my friends had a booth. Banners On The Cheap provided them with the awesome banner. (Well, actually, they provided me with the banner and I offered to create one for their booth.) It was easy to create using their website and it arrived in less than two weeks from when I placed my order!

Of course what’s a bird fair without birds, right? I loved this little plum head parrot. (Who also starred in my Samsung NX1100 post.)

And how precious is this African Gray? He previously had a problem with pulling out his own feathers due to stress. Thanks to a good veterinarian he was on the mend and he loved all of the attention from fair goers.

And although I really have no desire for a pet bird of my own, this is the fella that wanted to come home with me. Other than the eating live mice thing I think he’d make a good pet. Plus there’s no telling how many letters from Hogwarts I’m missing because I don’t currently have a pet owl…

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